Verse & View Am I Old Yet?

Am I Old Yet?

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Oaxaca, Mexico, 1996
Photo by Mark McCall (

Am I Old Yet?

Am I old yet?
.      Perhaps—
Who says so?
.      me?
.      the books?
.     the hawk?
I say
.      “I am just a little girl.”
And so it is.
But I am a crone too.
Crones are strong and wise.
Crones house the deep, deep knowing of the Ancient Ones.

Can crones give birth when there is no blood?
Ah, the power of that afterbirth!
Don’t you dare bury it!
Don’t you dare hide it!
Bloody questions therein—
Healing questions that merge
.      the Virgin
.      the Mother
the Crone.

Am I now all three at once?
Is that the meaning of “old?”
Yes and no.
And so it is now,
but there is more to come.

By Marguerite Stapleton, Minot

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