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Katie Bell is a Portland-based freelance writer who has contributed to publications throughout Maine, New England and London.
Designer Brook Delorme sewing organic cotton lingerie

Putting creativity to work

Brook DeLorme and Vanessa Romanoff are native Mainers, Portland residents and members of Creative Portland, a nonprofit organization focused...

Not alone anymore

Finding your community while battling breast cancer in your 20s and 30s Rebecca Vincelette, 38, found the Cancer Community Center...
Frenemies Article photo

Like cronuts, frenemies are not so healthy

We all have them. That one friend we plaster on a smile for, even though we can’t stand her....

The Shape of Things

Body image is a more daunting and divisive topic now than it ever was when I was in my...

All’s fine – for the moment

A career is something my parents’ generation has. Not for us thirtysomethings. (Yes, I am six months into 30...