Love sleeping under the pines, where you can smell salt air and gather around a campfire to toast some s’mores, but hate all the preparation involved with camping in the woods? Get thee to Camp Glamp. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Glamour + camping = glamping.

Opened in June, Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunk features deluxe 430-square-foot tents—if you can call these indoor-outdoor spaces tents—with themes like Base Camp, Plein Air and Bohemian Retreat. A dozen local interior designers worked their magic on the tents. You’ve got to see these works of art to comprehend how many thoughtful touches each has—from the furnishings and artwork to cocktail glasses, bathhouse robes and even a bike. Three of the tents have a kids’ teepee that complements the theme with youthful whimsy, fun stuff to do and a couple of twin beds.

Camp Glamp tents are for rent through Columbus Day weekend for about $230 per night.

If that’s too much glamp in your camp, Sandy Pines has a more down-to-earth approach to lazy woman’s camping: the Coleman Experience. You don’t need to own any camping gear—just show up and have your site already outfitted. Just don’t forget to pack the marshmallows.

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