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Learning in new ways

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Publisher's Note

Navigating Cancer

There’s a Mat Kearney song that my husband and I talk about a lot. It’s called “Closer to Love,”...

Choose your own adventure

As the temperatures inch closer to respectable springtime weather, my wanderlust gets stronger and stronger. I am more eager...

This is my body

I stand naked in front of the full-length mirror, critically appraising my 58-year-old body. I loathe the fat that...

Performing arts all around

I’m just back from a few days in Nashville—you know, “Music City”—where I watched hours and hours of live...

I am inspired

When I read the stories and columns for the upcoming issue of Maine Women Magazine each month, I am...

One Heart

One woman dies of heart disease or stroke about every 80 seconds. That’s a startling statistic from the American Heart...

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