Publisher's Note

Publisher's Note

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Women at work

Publisher's Note

Publisher's Note

Food, glorious food!

I don’t consider myself a foodie. Many of my non-cooking friends have said that I am, but compared to...

Body Power

When my youngest daughter was in middle school, I found myself sitting across the desk from the school principal,...

10 years of cheering on the Tri for a Cure

This is the tenth time I’ve sat down to write a publisher’s note for the annual Tri for a...

Breathe in, chill out

I got lost in downtown Boston a few years ago when rushing to my MBA admissions interview at Suffolk...

Adventures of all kinds

There are a lot of adventurous women around here, and I am so pleased to introduce you to some...

We are all artists

Many years ago I made the decision to leave a bad marriage. It took some time, and naturally, my...

Style & Beauty

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