Publisher's Note

Publisher's Note

Women work

Let’s eat!

Learning in new ways

Publisher's Note

Publisher's Note

10 years of cheering on the Tri for a Cure

This is the tenth time I’ve sat down to write a publisher’s note for the annual Tri for a...

Breathe in, chill out

I got lost in downtown Boston a few years ago when rushing to my MBA admissions interview at Suffolk...

Adventures of all kinds

There are a lot of adventurous women around here, and I am so pleased to introduce you to some...

We are all artists

Many years ago I made the decision to leave a bad marriage. It took some time, and naturally, my...

Podcast: Lee Hews on Leading with Action

Maine Women Magazine publisher Lee Hews recently sat down with Jodi Flynn of "Women Taking the Lead" to share her...

Inspiring Women Are All Around Us

We could have filled volumes with stories about Maine women who inspire, but we are limited to choosing just...

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