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Chilling Out

How do you relax, unwind, de-stress? We put that question to our Facebook followers, and it seems the way...

The incredible work of Maine women

Just about 30 years ago, I started my newspaper career at Maine’s largest daily. I was the third woman...

Paying homage to Maine’s community of growers

I’m from away. (More specifically, I’m a “ flatlander,” or so I’ve been told.) I’ve lived in Maine for...

Women artists enrich all of us in Maine

One of my favorite memories is of an afternoon I spent with my kids making leaf crowns. We gathered...

Behind the Tri, stories of courage, determination

“Challenge Cancer” is the name of the ambitious initiative launched by the Maine Cancer Foundation this past year. It has...

Defined and enriched by relationships

When I began to think about this month’s Maine Women Magazine theme of relationships, I quickly had an image...

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