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Publisher's Note

This is my body

I am inspired

Publisher's Note

Publisher's Note

Inspiring Women Are All Around Us

We could have filled volumes with stories about Maine women who inspire, but we are limited to choosing just...

Get Fit: Inside & Out

I was lucky to have a long break over the holidays in Carrabassett Valley. I was even luckier to...

You Decide

The choices I made regarding pregnancy and childbirth 30 years ago seem more like the result of the time...

We’re Stylin

Beauty, style, fashion. These things are often part of every day in a woman’s life, starting from a very...

Chilling Out

How do you relax, unwind, de-stress? We put that question to our Facebook followers, and it seems the way...

The incredible work of Maine women

Just about 30 years ago, I started my newspaper career at Maine’s largest daily. I was the third woman...

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