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You Decide

The choices I made regarding pregnancy and childbirth 30 years ago seem more like the result of the time...

We’re Stylin

Beauty, style, fashion. These things are often part of every day in a woman’s life, starting from a very...

Chilling Out

How do you relax, unwind, de-stress? We put that question to our Facebook followers, and it seems the way...

The incredible work of Maine women

Just about 30 years ago, I started my newspaper career at Maine’s largest daily. I was the third woman...

Paying homage to Maine’s community of growers

I’m from away. (More specifically, I’m a “ flatlander,” or so I’ve been told.) I’ve lived in Maine for...

Women artists enrich all of us in Maine

One of my favorite memories is of an afternoon I spent with my kids making leaf crowns. We gathered...

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