The Plot Thickens

Freakishly Good

People Watching



The Poet Librarian of Franklin County

Poet Julia Bouwsma wanted literary community; at the Kingfield library, she’s created one. On a winter day in late 2014,...

The Medium is the Message

Peaks Island author Mira Ptacin delves into the history of Maine’s Camp Etna, where women talk to the dead....

In Autumn

IN AUTUMN By Joan Conroy, Saco Against a late October sky the landscape burns with leafy gems of amber ruby red and gold. On a...

Fashion Forward

Inspired by a childhood on Indian Island and the social work she does today, Donna Decontie Brown uses Wabanaki...


Vacationland By Myah Garrison, New Gloucester A postcard kind of pretty. Arching green, breeching rocks... ‘Miami eat your heart out’. Kind of pretty. I’m used...

The New Share Croppers

Daybreak Growers Alliance puts a different spin on the CSA model, bringing farms together in collaboration, instead of competition. Adrienne...