In Autumn



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Verse & View


Grandeur By Charlotte Agell, Brunswick I want to take you camping I want the wind to blow your hair around until you do...

True Home

True Home By Kat Farrin, Peaks Island at 70 i never expected to consider living in an 8’ x 11’ greenhouse shed yet at any age my...

The Transplant

The Transplant By Marilyn Meadows, Springvale The planted lilacs at the new house White, pink and Well, lilac Suffer from lack of sun Their leaves...

The Homeopathy of Love

The Homeopathy of Love By Wren Davis Pearson, Pownal I want to tell you something about love It doesn’t break clean when...

Wild Things

Wild Things By Manuela Arundel, Gorham The loon calls out from a distance I am here. Where are you? Yesterday a herd of...


Focus By Paula A Peters, Sanford Oh where are you when I need you Why would you leave me like this It’s so...


October’s Brightness