Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour

Turmeric Martini

I Like It Raw

Chai Whiskey Sour

Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour

Iced Agave 3-Way

Two things I always liked together: alcohol and coffee. Mainers know what I’m talking about, what with our state’s...

Bloody Punch Cocktail

My boyfriend is what I like to call the “Beethoven of Cocktails” because he doesn’t drink alcohol, yet he...

The Green Fairy Flip

In keeping with the “not-quite-traditional-but-vaguely-tied-in” spirit I have going with Amateur Hour, I decided to trade one green mythical...

I need an Adult Hot Cocoa

It’s February, which means it’s still cold and dark outside. On the upside, winter is nearing its end, the...

The Mead Mimosa

Mead isn’t exactly a standard mixer, which is surprising for a drink that is thought to be one of...

The Bog to Bar

I was pretty darn close to just making up an eggnog. I love eggnog so much, I would drink...