At The Table

At The Table

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At The Table

At The Table

Skillet Bourbon Brownies (that also happen to be gluten- & milk-free)

One of my favorite pastimes is sharing meals with women. I’ve known many great men who can cook (and...

How to make a damn good sandwich for your trail lunch

It wasn’t until I started living in Maine, after 26 years of life elsewhere, that “trail lunches” became part...

Come Together Right Now…Over Food

“Dine alone!” That’s what I said all last year. I extolled the benefits of solitary dining to anyone who...

A holiday tradition of my own

There was a stretch of time when my family hosted a “red and green dinner” on Christmas Eve when...

Unstructured cooking time

When I first heard about the trending topic of “unstructured time” for young children, I rolled my eyes. Kids...

Food Mission

A simple craving that turned into 1.5 million doughnuts a year I’ve heard many great (and some bad) food business...


Chai Whiskey Sour