Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink

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Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink

A quick & healthy one-dish meal

As we move closer to the glorious warmer months in Maine, eating simple, fresh meals will be even more...

The Green Fairy Flip

In keeping with the “not-quite-traditional-but-vaguely-tied-in” spirit I have going with Amateur Hour, I decided to trade one green mythical...

Skillet Bourbon Brownies (that also happen to be gluten- & milk-free)

One of my favorite pastimes is sharing meals with women. I’ve known many great men who can cook (and...

How to make a damn good sandwich for your trail lunch

It wasn’t until I started living in Maine, after 26 years of life elsewhere, that “trail lunches” became part...

I need an Adult Hot Cocoa

It’s February, which means it’s still cold and dark outside. On the upside, winter is nearing its end, the...

The Mead Mimosa

Mead isn’t exactly a standard mixer, which is surprising for a drink that is thought to be one of...


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