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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Not your average fitness class

Let’s be real: Not all of us delight at the idea of working out. Maybe we have too many...

How we love to work out

"Maybe 'love' is too strong a word, but here’s how the women behind Maine Women Magazine like to work...

Renew, replenish, relax

Life’s busy. Some days you’re pulled in so many directions it makes your head spin…and your heart race. I...

5 easy going hikes to clear your head

Pine trees aren't going to solve your problems, no matter how many hours you spend spilling your guts to...

Count your blessings

I’ve tried the whole “30 days of gratitude” thing on Facebook a couple of times. The goal: Write one...

A Flexible Life

Amy Sedgwick has just returned from a weeklong yoga training. “I’ve been pursuing this 500-hour teacher certification for some...

Ditch The Couch