Maine Style Chill out (and stay cozy)

Chill out (and stay cozy)

Maine Style


Balancing the fancy and the casual

Cooler weather is here and it’s time to get cozy—and stay that way. How many times have you looked down at your leggings and favorite slouchy sweater you’ve been lounging in all day and thought, Can’t I just wear this to dinner tonight? (The answer is yes!)

Maybe you dig doing yoga/spin/kickboxing and then meeting friends for lunch after without the hassle of an entire wardrobe change. Throwing a few extra pieces in your gym bag can take your outfit from “I just came from a workout” to “yoga pant chic” in no time at all. Sportswear isn’t just for the gym. (While some may say leggings aren’t pants, all the women I know believe they certainly are. In fact, there have been days you wouldn’t be able to peel mine off my body and pour me into a pair of jeans if you paid me.)

Sure, we want to look spectacular, but more than that, we want to be comfortable. Venturing out in public does not mean you have to change out of your oversized L.L. Bean flannel. All your outfit needs is a little elevating. And with a few accessories it can be done—no changing required. That graphic T-shirt is meant to be worn with diamonds, and your favorite beanie likes to been seen with a pair of heels.

Balancing the fancy with the casual, the masculine with the feminine and the comfy with the structured keeps us from getting bored and is a great way to experiment with your wardrobe.

Let your flannel fly

Everyone has a pair of go-to jeans and an oversized button down they love. It’s the perfect combination for Bean boots or cute sneakers, but can also be dressed up with a fun hat, tall boots and chunky earrings.

Yoga pants FTW

Whether you are hitting yoga class or just enjoy sporting yoga pants on the regular, don’t doubt their style factor. Throwing on a structured jacket, long necklace and fancy pair of shoes can take them from relaxed to sophisticated.

The comfy sweater

Nothing feels more like home than a soft, cuddly sweater and leggings that move with you. Super cozy for an afternoon nap and can be transformed with a necklace, vest, little booties and your favorite clutch.

Jeans & T

If you are a jeans and T-shirt gal and consider it to be your uniform, take it to the next level with a blazer, flashy necklace and a fun pair of heels.

Katie Bingham-Smith is a writer, shoe addict and mother living in Bowdoinham. She pays her kids to rub her feet and never turns down anything with caffeine.