Nancy Grace Horton

Visual Arts


Horton_Lawn HeelsGender is central to the work of Nancy Grace Horton, whose exhibition, “That’s What She Said,” closed at Engine in Biddeford in late July. Trained as a photojournalist, Horton—who lives near the Maine/New Hampshire border—spent several years as the staff photographer for the Hampton Beach Casino. She loved having a spot in the front row, as well as the chance to photograph iconic performers, but she was also fascinated with the crowd, especially the women. Those women in the crowd occupied the storefront windows of Engine, where they usher viewers into an eclectic and challenging exhibition of photographs, cyanotypes, video installations, handmade books, sculptures and even a dress made of photographs. Each work, says Horton, challenges the narrowly defined ways in which women are perceived—and how they perceive themselves—in American society today. Horton’s work on this theme has been seen widely in New England, but less so in Maine. The Engine show worked to change that.

“I’m happy that it’s getting attention,” she says. “And that it’s aligning with an issue that’s at the forefront of conversation right now.”

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