The studios at Running With Scissors, located at 250 Anderson St. in Portland, serve over 60 resident artists working in diverse mediums, from metal and clay to photography and video. Running With Scissors provides artists the space to create, invests in equipment to elevate their process and creates community to strengthen their work and lives. Artists create here 24/7. The community brings to life the ideas and passions and skills of jewelers, woodworkers, ceramicists, painters, photographers, sculptors, printmakers, designers, metalsmiths, videographers, illustrators, mixed and new media, textile artists and more. It is not static, but ever changing and evolving.

Designer Hannah Tarkinson, owner of jewelry and leather accessories company Ponomo, works on a new piece in her metalsmithing space.
Painter Meredy Hamilton works on a black-and-white wall mural.
Artist Ellie Barnet paints on a canvas.
Potter and stencil maker, Rebecca May-Verril, showcases her work.
Sculptor, Cathy Bloom, works on a sculpture of a horse.