Street Style

With everyone bundled up from head to toe outside, we took Street Style indoors this month, checking out the cool shops along Dock Square in Kennebunkport. We spotted unique styles from the women working in the shops – from warm and trendy layers to long sweaters and more than one pair of L.L.Bean boots (but of course).

By Shannon Bryan
Photos by Lauryn Hottinger

View from Dock Square

Kristina Hansen
Working at Daytrip Society

“I go for comfort, but I’m very cognizant of having clothes that look nice…I’m especially into layers, especially when it gets cold.”

Ann Rinaldi
Working at Abacus

“Here at work, I’m called the fashionista. I was born and raised in Brooklyn.

Laura Savard
Working at Minka

“I call (my style) shabby chic. I like being really comfortable. I like comfortable material.”

Emma Alexander
Cape Porpoise
Working at Daytrip Jr.

“I would like to think I look like the quintessential New Englander. I like what’s comfy and cozy.”