With winter comes the yearly battle between fashion and not-freezing-your-tuchus-off. Here in Maine, finding balance between the two is an enviable talent (some of us just pile on the layers and hope for the best). While we were out and about last month, we spotted these women looking simultaneously cozy and stylish on the streets of Freeport.

By Shannon Bryan
Photos by Lauryn Hottinger

Susan Davison “I can’t wait for my vacation away from the snow. It’s already booked!”
Stephanie Frost, Windham “Boots are my thing, especially over-the-knee boots,” says Stephanie. “But I don’t really even like winter!”
Abigail Dawson, Charlottesville, Virginia, visiting family in Maine “I go for comfort. I’m really not fashionable at all,” says Abigail. “I pick solid colors because I know they match.”
Karen MacDonald, Westbrook “I choose fashion over comfort,” jokes Karen. “I try to keep warm, but if I had to choose, I’d rather look fashionable.”
Erica Bord, Scarborough “I hope we get a little more snow this winter,” says Erica. “I’m looking forward to using my snowshoes.”