As the temperature dips toward winter here in Maine, fashion takes on a few new layers. We’re draped in coats and scarves and hats to keep the chill off, but still manage to retain a sense of individual style. Here are some of the fashionable women we spotted on the streets of Portland recently.

By Shannon Bryan
Photos by Lauryn Hottinger

Heidi Blair (left) and Shea Christner (right) – “Design is a natural part of life,” says Heidi. “It rolls over into clothing.” “I like fashion that’s effortless,” says Shea. “I’m a clothing designer, and my ethos is sustainability, quality over quantity.”
Rachel Doe – “My style is an extension of my identity,” says Rachel. “Growing up I’d always be wearing really weird stuff and my mom’s like, ‘Why are you wearing all this weird stuff?’ and I said, ‘It’s me! This is who I am.”
Tiffany Gholston – “I’m a working mom, so (fashion) needs to be nice and easy,” says Tiffany. “I love neutral colors—navys and browns and grays. I’ll take a couple of staples and build around that.”
Laura Tarantino – “My style is all about comfort and using the pieces I have in different ways,” says Laura, who’s a clear fan of denim, black and tan, colors that can easily be mixed and matched.
Nan Dewing – “I love wearing my long skirts and scarves. It’s comfortable, but I like the look,” says Nan. “I like being tall, and I like to wear things that some other women can’t wear.”