Street Style “What do you love about your body?”

“What do you love about your body?”

On The Street


It’s not a question most of us are used to asking ourselves, but when we think about it, our bodies are pretty remarkable. Our bodies can carry us places and dance and enable us to make things. Our bodies can heal (although not from everything) and grow humans (although not always). Our bodies can be strong and soft and unique and yet still a whole lot like everyone else’s. We posed this question to women on the streets of Portland during June’s First Friday Art Walk, and here’s what they said.

Photos by Lauryn Hottinger

Rose Humeniuk, Falmouth
“I’ve been getting into these really active things lately, and I appreciate that my body allows me to put it through all that. Human bodies are pretty amazing.”

Abby Theriault, Portland
“Just the way it is is fine by me. I don’t need to be judged by anybody.”

Adara Bankhead, Yarmouth
“I love how soft my body is, and I love that I can take this body places. And I love my hair.”

Gillian Sinnott, Portland
“I love my legs. They’re muscular and strong and they get me where I want to go.”

Pamela Hawkes, Portland
“I like everything about it these days. It’s doing good for me.”

Shaun B., Cumberland County
“My teeth. That’s why we need to be covered with our health.”

Jess Tkacik, Portland
“Being able to play. I really love being flexible and strong and being able to do a wide variety of things.”

Kathy Lovendahl, Waterville
“I like my legs. They do feel strong, probably my most-fit body part.”

Wendy Burton, Oakland
“I like my hands, because I make things with them.”

Summer Linski, Gardiner
“My skin.”