Less Is More

A simple approach to skin care at Jessica Johnson Beauty in Portland “At the end of the day, you don’t...

Vegan Beauty

Progressive Maine salons are using products free of animal testing, animal-based ingredients and harsh chemicals. Vegan food in Maine restaurants...

Maine Gift Guide

Shopping is inevitable. So why not support the work of other Maine women—crafters, entrepreneurs, designers and women who simply...

Grand Openings

3 new shops in Portland Elise Marie DeSigns 34 Washington Ave., Portland facebook.com/elisemariedesigns You may have seen designer Elise DeSalvo selling her colorful...

5 Hot Soups For a Cold Winter Day

Cold weather calls for layers of fleece, reliable boots and a hot bowl of something hearty and delicious. A...

Eat & Drink


Style & Beauty

A Packrat’s Holiday

Incorporating nostalgic objects—in all their imperfect, off-trend glory—into modern holiday decorating As a child, my mother often accused me—albeit lovingly—of...

Dressed for the Holidays

Layer Up


Review: ‘Tangerine’

Two estranged BFFs reunite in Tangiers with dark consequences Here’s a good one that might have been missed by fans...

Rustic Arrow

Breaking free of the past


Go all in this holiday season

With Gardens Aglow, Merry Madness and a dazzling circus adventure SantaCon Portland Maine Saturday, Dec. 1, 5 p.m. to closing time Portland Party...

A mom to be remembered