Center Stage

Just Run


Why Get Involved?

Here’s why these Maine women made politics a part of their lives People come to politics for reasons that are...

We’ll Be There

The Maine Women’s Lobby has advocated for women in Maine for nearly four decades “ come a long way over...

A Seat at the Table

SHE Leads and Emerge Maine help more women run for office “When women hold public office,” says Sarah Skillin Woodard,...

Winter Adventures

3 ways to embrace the snow this season Winter has its lovers and its haters. If you’re excited by thoughts...

In This Moment

Heather Lunt moves forward from addiction to recovery After a warmer than usual fall, the cold bites. The recent time...

Eat & Drink

Getting Hygge With It

I Like It Raw

Style & Beauty

Minimalist Lingerie

Organic simple cuts from Brook There Brook DeLorme started Brook There in 2007 as a clothing business. But after looking...

Susan Pye & Burt the Mustang


The New Year

The New Year It begins in the dark The possibilities endless, as the no limits could be seen It begins with a walk One step following another One day...

Telling Stories

In This Moment


A Show of Strength

The Superhero Lady Armwrestlers of Portland “There’s a thing that most women know about, where we try to take up...

Beat the Winter Blues