Heart & Soul


Run For It

A New Normal

Healed from her unexpected heart attack, Kim Cowperthwaite still struggles to explain the inexplicable It’s 3 a.m. and I am...

Ask Your Doctor

We are our own best advocates when it comes to our health, so it’s up to us to take...

Sweet Heart

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your better half or friends who warm your heart The holiday of paper hearts and red...

Heart-Pumping Fun This Winter

Create your own exercise program this winter that will put you on the path to a heart-healthy new year If...

Winter Skin

Keep your skin looking and feeling its best this winter Winter is a challenging time for our skin. Cold, dry...

Eat & Drink

Style & Beauty


Much love to the Bean Boot, but these other warm, rugged and sharp-looking boots have our attention In Maine, wearing...

Winter Skin

Minimalist Lingerie


Queen Bee

Heather Ashby’s recently opened coworkHERS, a coworking space designed for women Heather Ashby wanted to create a safe and welcoming...

Hot Maine Mamas

February Verse & View


Food, Fashion & Fundraising

Here are some great events to fill up your social calendar this month Women United Around the World Fashion Show Saturday,...

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