Flexibility is everything

June Tait looks a little wistful when describing her high school dreams. More than anything, she wanted to become...

How to ask for what you want at work

At some point in your career, you’ll need to advocate for yourself. Whether you’re negotiating a job offer, seeking a...

Coworking spaces

Communes for the computer age Today, thanks to the internet and a laptop, it’s possible to work just about anywhere—and...

Women, money and the pay gap

You’ve probably heard the staggering statistic: Women working full time in the United States typically are paid 80 percent...

The best business advice you’ve ever received

Words of wisdom can come from anywhere—a mentor, a friend, a meme shared on an acquaintance’s Facebook page. (The...

Eat & Drink

Pack & Go

The London Bramble

Style & Beauty

Tips for consignment shopping

I have a mad passion for two things: clothes and saving money. While the two seem to clash a...

Maya Cohen & her motorcycle



A novel for our times

“This Is How It Begins,” new this month from Maine author Joan Dempsey, is nothing if not timely. It...

The Kurpie

October Ditch The Couch!

Life & Love

Kids can learn to be cruel or to be kind

The email came through at 1:12 p.m. Subject: “Today at Lunch.” “An incident occurred at lunch today that I feel...

Get in the picture, Mom

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