Hydropower Licensing Consultant Sarah Verville

“‘Large Maine corporation seeking attorney, 1-3 years’ experience.’ That’s all it said.” When Sarah Verville answered the vague employment...

Applications Scientist Heather Anne Wright

“The biotech industry represents the interface between science and technology,” says Heather Anne Wright. “It’s a broad way to...

Seabird Biologist Aly McKnight

Aly McKnight is all about the birds. “I fell in love with birds when I took ornithology at UMass,”...

Spiritual Leader Sara Ewing-Merrill

“Mother. Pastor. Family Promise director. Juggler of chaos. Lover of diversity. Hope seeker.” That’s how Sara Ewing-Merrill describes herself. For the...

Boundary Breakers

Three women of Maine’s history For as long as there have been organized societies, women have been told that certain...

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Style & Beauty

It’s in the bag

Sharp-looking and responsibly sourced bags by Jess Hart Lynch Good design is often born from a need to make everyday...

Responsibly Sourced Style


Pet-friendly marketing

’cause Digital Marketing helps businesses hone their purpose Jane Harrell’s Instagram bio reads: “marketing exec who jumped off the corporate...

A life well lived



The most important work

Stay-at-home mom Jennifer Smith sees the blessings in raising and schooling her eight kids It’s not always a choice. But for...

5 Ways To Embrace Fall

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