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The Showcase Bookcases

Young adult author Maria Padian has been waiting for these shelves her whole life. Author Maria Padian walks across the...

Feeding Wonder Women

Recipes for a strong, healthy heart February—a month of hearts and love. I’m looking at you Valentine’s Day and National...

Fridge & Foto February

How to make the most of being cooped up this winter Mainers are pros at finding ways to beat the...

Student of Style

The Fashionable Blanche-Neige Ingabire walks the halls of Mt. Ararat, not the runway, but her style is notable. Translated from...


Snow Queen

How Julie Mulkern helps Maine kids get outside in winter. Maine can’t export winter to more temperate climates, but Julie...

American Dirt; Mexican Soul

In February


The Winter Warrior Way

Chances to challenge yourself, all over the state. Plus a few quieter activities. U.S. National Toboggan Championships Feb. 7–9 Camden Snow Bowl Every...

Poetry and Powder

Fresh Starts